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European Group Breaks

Publicado: 18 Sep 2012, 12:28
por got_sheed?
I hope iam allowed to post this :lol:

Iam doing some Group Case Breaks for just European members.

If you are interested in joining then visit my Site or PM me on here or on Cardboard.

The Breaks are Hit Draft breaks and they will be broken live on BlogTV so you can watch it live.

A Hit Draft Break means that you buy 1 Spot.1 Spot is 1 Hit of the complete Case.

For Example:

1x Case 2012 Leaf Signature

1 Spot is 19.25€ and there are a total of 60 Spots in there.

Once every Spot is sold,we are going to do a Random Draft at Random.org which is live too.
The Member who gets pick 1 in the Draft, can choose one Hit which was pulled in the complete Case.The Member who has Pick 2 can choose a Hit from the Cards which are left.We do this until all 60 Spots are picked.

Yes,there is a risk if you get pick 50 for example.Then you will maybe only get a Game Used jersey or Autograph of a not so good player.But for 19.25€ its a good chance to get a card which sells for much more!

Actually we have 36 Spots free for the Case of Leaf Signature and 38 free Spots for 11-12 Gold Standard which is 33.50€ for 1 Spot.

So if you want to join then PM me or buy a spot here

Join Here for Group Breaks!

Re: European Group Breaks

Publicado: 18 Sep 2012, 17:03
por Prokonios
I'm not interested in Leaf Signatures. However, I think that your website is very interesting. Perhaps I purchase a slot in Prestige.

Re: European Group Breaks

Publicado: 18 Sep 2012, 17:19
por got_sheed?
thanks :) i did put Prestigfe on hold for now,since the prices for the boxes are a bit too high.i think they will drop soon and then we give it another try.

Gold Standard is also open ;)

Re: European Group Breaks

Publicado: 08 Dic 2012, 23:20
por got_sheed?
new website for buying your spots!


11 Spots for Totally Certified are available only!

1 Spot is 50,75€ for one random Team! You get all Cards we pull from your Team!

follow us on Facebook too

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dirty-30- ... 3168279560